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Flat CAT6 UTP Ethernet Internet Cable

Product Information:
1. Frequency - 250 MHz
2. Transmission Speed - 1000BASE-TX
3. Available Length - 0.5M~30M or Longer
4. Connectors - RJ45 Plug
5. Condcutor- 32AWG or 30AWG (America wire gague)
6. Cable Construction - unshielded
7. Jacket- PVC
8. Install - Used indoor, in-wall and in the ceiling
DURABLE & SPACE SAVER - Flat CAT6 UTP Ethernet Internet Cables are designed for high density environments where clearance and space is limited. This 30AWG 0.24-inch x 0.08-inch and narrow boot design reduces network cord congestion. This Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable also could be produced by 32AWG(7/0.08), they are all built with two RJ45 Plug in each side. COMPATIBLE WITH DATA CENTERS, OFFICES, ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS, GAMING & SMART HOME NETWORKS - Cat 6 Ethernet Cable provides data rate speeds that seamlessly connect devices across all networks for workspaces and home, and are backwards compatible with Cat5e. We provide the best Ethernet Cable for gaming (PS3, PS4, Xbox), network adapters, hubs, routers, modems, patch panels and other high-performance networking applications..
Cat6 Flat Patch Cable With Short RJ45 Body
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Cat6 Flat Patch Cable With Short RJ45 Body