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TongYuanDa Electric Power co., LTD

TongYuanDa Electric Power co., LTD., was founded in 2007, we have always been committed to quickly and accurately to provide customers telephone lines, network, communication cables and so on all kinds of high quality of the specifications of the phone line. Ethernet cable through the warehouse sales and unique B2B e-commerce direct marketing system of mass production, create a low cost model, the real practice of "more, faster, better," the concept of customer value.

Our company global social mission is to provide short delivery, high quality and low cost of electronic appliances, communications cable products, how fast for customers to create the "save" the value idea, realize "cheap", become a strong backing of manufacturing.We will strive to make customers truly satisfied, thoroughly implement the "customer first"

TongYuanDa 2007 | With 10,000sqm area | More than 100 employees

Our company adheres to the strategic goal of “competing customers with service, developing with quality, promoting progress with innovation, winning with innovation”, adhering to the business philosophy of “scientific, environmental protection, safety and harmony”, constantly innovating and advancing with the times. . With the support of our customers, We people will continue to make progress in the Ethernet Cable field of energy conservation and environmental protection with the efforts of all employees.

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