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The difference between introduction of Cat6a shielded network cable and unshielded network cable
2022-10-27 16:19:37
The general situation of Super Category 6 network cables can be simply divided into Category 6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP-Unshield+Twisted+Pair) and Category 6 shielded twisted pair (STP-+Shield+Twisted+Pair). With the development of the network and the increase in transmission requirements, various Network Cable manufacturers produce various shielded cables according to their needs. The classification of super six types of unshielded and shielded cables is as follows:
U/UTP is commonly referred to as UTP twisted pair, unshielded twisted pair
The total shielding layer of F/UTP is aluminum foil shielding, shielded twisted-pair wire without pair shielding layer
U/FTP has no overall shielding layer, and the wire pair shielding is a shielded twisted pair shielded by aluminum foil
The overall shielding layer of SF/UTP is a double shield of wire mesh + aluminum foil, and the pair of double shielded twisted-pair wires without shielding
S/FTP total shielding layer is silk screen, wire pair shielding is double shielded twisted pair shielded by aluminum foil
1. F/UTP shielded twisted pair aluminum foil total shielded twisted pair (F/UTP) is the most traditional shielded twisted pair, mainly used to isolate the 8-core twisted pair from the external electromagnetic field. Interference has no effect. The F/UTP twisted pair is wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil on the outer layer of the 8-core twisted pair. That is, there is a layer of aluminum foil outside the 8 core wires and inside the sheath, and a grounding wire is laid on the conductive surface of the aluminum foil. F/UTP twisted pair is mainly used for Category 5 and Super Category 5. F/UTP shielded twisted pair is also used in Category 6 and has the following engineering characteristics:
2. The shielding layer of U/FTP shielded twisted pair + wire pair shielded twisted pair (U/FTP) is also composed of aluminum foil and grounding wire, the difference is: the aluminum foil layer is divided into 4 pieces, each of which wraps 4 wire pairs , Cut off the electromagnetic interference path between each pair. Therefore, in addition to resisting external electromagnetic interference, it can also resist electromagnetic interference (crosstalk) between pairs. The U/FTP pair shielded twisted pair cable comes from Category 7 twisted pair, currently it is mainly used for Category 6 shielded twisted pair cable, Category 6 double shielded network cable, and Category 5 shielded twisted pair cable. Pay attention to the following issues during construction: the aluminum foil layer should be terminated with the ground wire to the shielding layer of the shielding module; the shielding layer should form a 360-degree contact with the shielding layer of the module; to prevent the shielding twisted pair The core wire and shielding layer should be stressed at the sheath of the twisted pair. Use the nylon cable tie attached to the shielding module to fix the twisted pair with the metal bracket at the back of the module; do not leave it on the shielding layer. gap.
3. The total shielding layer of SF/UTP shielded twisted pair + SF/UTP shielded twisted pair is aluminum foil + copper wire mesh, it does not need a ground wire as a drain wire: copper wire mesh has good toughness and is not easy to break, so It itself can be used as a drainage line for the aluminum foil layer. In case the aluminum foil layer breaks, the wire mesh will continue to connect the aluminum foil layer. The SF/UTP twisted pair is on the 4 twisted pairs, and there is no separate shielding layer. Therefore, it is a shielded twisted pair with only a shielded layer. SF/UTP twisted pair cables are mainly used for Category 5 and Category 5, and are also used in Category 6 shielded/Category 6 shielded network cables.